Welcome to the home page for Klepp Elite!

Klepp Elite plays football in the top division of the Norwegian league which consists of 12 club teams. Klepp has one of the longest track records (if not the longest) as the club has never been relegated. Klepp won the series in 1987 and the national cup in 1989. This is unfortunately the only victories we have looking from present date, but at least Klepp has been in 4 cup finals in addition to the triumphs.

Klepp has over the years provided many players to the national team. Ane Stangeland Horepstad has over 100 matches and for the final part of her career was also the captain. Currently there have been 17 players over the years on the senior womens team, and almost countless number of youth nationals.

We have our own training facilities, including a new stadium built in 2007, an articifial turf and a gymnasium.

Klepp is a small town located 30 min south of Stavanger on the southwest coast.

If you have any questions, please contact managing director Thomas Langholm Engen at thomas.engen@kleppil.no

Opening match new stadium

From the opening match at the new stadium, 2007.